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Salvation South

Salvation South Writers’ Circle

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Are you yearning for a creative sanctuary where your words can flourish and your stories find a voice? Welcome to the Salvation South Writers Circle, a vibrant community where the art of storytelling comes alive. For just $25 a month, immerse yourself in an enriching online writing group that promises not just to spark your creativity but to kindle a flame that lights up your writing journey.

Under the expert guidance of Meredith McCarroll, a distinguished writer, editor, and educator, the Salvation South Writers Circle is a place for writers of all levels. Each month, Meredith will lead a one-hour session that begins with a captivating writing prompt designed to unleash your imagination. Whether you choose to follow the prompt or let your muse guide you elsewhere, this is your time to write freely, without boundaries.

But the magic doesnt end there. Our sessions culminate in a sharing circle, allowing group members to ask questions or even read a portion of their writing, to draw on the thinking and experience of the entire group. And because we believe in the power of connection, well close each meeting with an opportunity for everyone to share quick insights and reflections, ensuring that every voice is heard.

The Salvation South Writers Circle is also about forging deep, meaningful connections. Beyond the main session, well open breakout rooms for you to engage in smaller, more intimate discussions. Its the perfect setting to meet your next writing buddy, exchange ideas, and support each others creative endeavors.

Join us for a journey of low-commitment accountability and boundless inspiration. In the Salvation South Writers Circle, youll find a supportive space filled with friends who share your passion for writing and storytelling. Together, lets write better, build a vibrant community, and celebrate the stories that make us the Southerners we are.

But wait! There's more! If you include your address when you sign up, we will send you a Salvation South magnet to put on your refrigerator.

Salvation South Writers Circle Magnet

Sign up now and be part of a circle where every story matters, and every writer is at home.

Starting on May 6
Circle meets on the first Monday of every month from 6 to 7 pm Eastern  

     (If the first Monday of a month falls on a  holiday, the Circle will meet the following Monday)

NOTE: If you’re a Salvation South Family Circle member, your monthly WritersCircle membership is discounted. Instead of $25 a month, you’ll pay anywhere from $22.50 down to $18.75 per month, depending on your membership level. Just enter your standard Family Circle discount code at checkout. (If you’ve forgotten that code, just email us. We’ll be happy to remind you.)